In 2010, I was contracted by Alex Haigh to help him produce a colossal amount of digital material for his then-new font foundry, HypeForType. The work had me making hundreds of specimens, thumbnails, and other images to be used in Alex’s reimagining and relaunch of HypeForType’s website. I constantly drew from over 3000 new typefaces set to be released with the new site design to produce the materials, quickly discovering and mastering ways to overcome the large workload and manage the giant library of fonts.

During this time, I worked on several other projects under Alex, including the website for TypePong (a game for iOS, now defunct) and FindFonts. I also developed dozens of email newsletters for HypeForType after the release of the newly redesigned site, helped with networking for the first big campaign, and handled a fair deal of the copywriting.

While creating the hundreds of new specimens needed for all the incoming fonts, I took many happy liberties in the choosing of words and phrases—many times from lyrics and quotes that inspired me during the time—and I was, for the most part, in complete control of how the specimens ought to look. I tried to compliment every typeface, giving them a unique environment and set of colors that matched the moods and memories each typeface conveyed to me, putting them in scenarios where a typical purveyor of such fonts might use them.

Cargo design and development